Tire Pressure & Your Tires

Your tires are an essential part to your vehicle.  Tires are incredible, yet sensitive and expensive!  How can you make the most of your tires?  Your suspension system is a key factor of your tire wear. Vehicles are designed with an astonishing  amount of symmetry.  This symmetry is perfected through the art of suspension alignments created by precise and accurate computers and robots to measure the symmetry of your suspension.  This precision is essential for the proper functioning and stability of your suspension.  When one or both of your tires are not in proper pressure range, this can cause slight adjustments to your suspension symmetry.  Such as if the left side is lower than the right, you will feel like you are always pulling that direction.  This is wearing on the suspension, but wears out the tires more. You will lose fuel economy in addition to the tire wearage because of the extra friction with the pull to one side. The vehicle manufacturer has recommended an ideal tire pressure (and it is not the same as what will be on the tires). On almost any vehicle, the recommended tire pressure can be found on one of the stickers found inside the driver door jam.  The driver's manual would be another reliable spot to get the accurate pressure measurements .
Check your tire pressures on a weekly basis, and notice all four of your tires when you are walking near your vehicle.  After all, you're only saving yourself and your vehicle from further problems down the road.